In the fall of 1983, Pastor John & Lynn Spencer began “New Life Christian  Fellowship” (now Coastline Calvary Chapel) as a small Bible teaching fellowship at Oriole Beach Elementary school in Pastor John’s home town of Gulf Breeze, FL. In 1985 the church purchased property and built the first building on our present location off of Oriole Beach Rd. Christian Fellowship” (now Coastline Calvary Chapel) as a small Bible teaching fellowship at Oriole Beach Elementary school in Pastor John’s 

The vision of our church has always been to see people experience NEW LIFE in Christ, and since our 1st gathering in 1983 we’ve seen God touch more and more lives with the Gospel, and add to His church in Gulf Breeze. We’ve seen God do many marvelous works in and through Coastline through church planting, local outreaches, mission trips, global mission support, and the consistent local ministry of loving God, connecting together, and living on mission in Gulf Breeze, FL.


To see NEW LIFE in JESUS all along our COASTLINE

It’s been said that VISION is a seeing word, and that VISION incites excitement into what could be and should be in the future. We long to see more people come to know and follow Jesus along the Gulf Coast... to see people experience the NEW LIFE that is only found in relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ. We love our history, our original name “New Life” resonates with us along with passages from Scripture like:

God so loved the world that He gave His Son...”
John 3.16

Let them give glory to the LORD, And declare His praise in the coastlands (NKJV)”
Isaiah 42.12

These scriptures drive our heart and vision: “to see NEW LIFE in JESUS all along our COASTLINE.”


A community LOVING God, CONNECTING together, LIVING on MISSION in our world

We recognize that the church isn’t a building or an organization, but a community centered on Jesus. As a community following Jesus, our mission aligns with what we see in  Matthew 22.34-40, known as the “Great Commandment” — Love God & Love One Another; and in Matthew 28.18 – 20, known as the “Great Commission” — making disciples of Jesus. In light of these clear Scriptures, we gather as the church to LOVE and worship God — who first loves us (John 3.16, 1 John 4.19) — by learning His Word, serving one another, singing, giving, praying, fellowshipping, and partaking of  communion and baptism. We gather in groups to CONNECT in community as we learn and live out the Word of God and pray for and encourage one another. We live on MISSION in making disciples and preaching the Gospel through our local outreaches, partner organizations, short-term mission teams, and supported missionaries. For our church, “love, connect, mission” is more than a mission statement, it is a lifestyle... we live to LOVE God in all that we do... we live to be CONNECTED in genuine community… and live on MISSION to see more people come to know and follow Jesus.




GrowthTrack is ThreeSTEP process designed to help you discover who Coastline is and partner with us as we seek to see NEW LIFE in JESUS all along the COASTLINE by being a community who LOVES God, CONNECTS together, and LIVES on MISSION in our world.

StepONE // Discover Coastline
Discover the heart of our leadership and how to know God. Learn more about our Vision, Mission, Core Beliefs, and the Leadership Structure of our church.

StepTWO // Discover Your Design
Discover the dynamics of your unique personality, and God-given spiritual gifts. Discover how your design reveals your purpose in life an your best fit in ministry.

StepTHREE // Partner in Ministry
Connect with a key ministry leader to begin partnering with us in serving Jesus at Coastline.


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